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Nico Thibault Createur

Born passionate of fashion, it is first of all the jewelry that Nico Thibault Francioni undertakes. Then he becomes a window dresser of London's most famous shop windows and approaches the world of luxury. Back in Tuscany, he opened his stores of women's, men's and interior decoration.

The thirst for new knowledge attracts him to Paris. He starts at Massimo Dutti made to measure suit division then becomes Visual Merchandiser of one of the most prestigious French luxury brands "Louis Vuitton - Maison Champs-Elysées".

These rich experiences do not materialize his long-term desire: to draw and produce those products he dreamed of as a child. He learns fashion design at ESMOD Paris and specializes in traditional sewing: irresistible desire to find the true know-how, the meticulous work by hand, the tailor-made, the new embroidery, the unique pieces that tell stories ....

Nico creates his collections, shares his experiences as a stylist / designer and sublimates the body of women or men and revamps interiors with brilliance.


Art-Director and more

Your creative for fashion products collections

Nico Francioni is the creator of fashion collections.

He accompanies you in the development of your creative brand universe, the selection of relevant trends, the choice of your range of colors, the realization of your sketches, patronages and first prototypes

You are a brand, a project leader or a start-up, Nico Francioni brings you his creativity to 360 ° to create your proposal and carry out its realization

For this, he listens to you to delimit your fields of mark and its flagship products. He draws on his experience as a collection designer, visual merchandiser and owner of successful ready-to-wear boutiques at Louis Vuitton, Harrod's or Effeenne and reinforced by his training as a stylist-model maker acquired at ESMOD Paris.

Accompanied with elegance, you will concretize your collections in a creative, relevant and realistic way


Knowledge and Savoir-faire

Alone or with a quality team, Nico Thibault Francioni can follow your projects with the help of his knowledge and professional skills.
Art-director with more years of experience in the fashion industry as a stylist, decorator, consultant, couturier, visual-merchandiser puts his skills at the service of his clients.

Styliste free-lance

Despite having its own personal universe with a strong dark-romantic, purely feminine character, Nico Thibaullt Francioni works as a freelance stylist, knowing how to grasp and interpret the aesthetic and commercial needs of its clients, knowing how to glide between male and female universes passing from casual wear to the elegant refined

Createur sur mesure

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Visual Art-Director

Nico Thibault Francioni has created shop windows for major brands such as Harrod's or Harvey Nikol's in London or Louis Vuitton on the Champs Elysées in Paris but collaborates with other brands or individuals to embellish their sales or exhibition spaces

Embroiderer and plumassier

Formed at the famous Lesage embroidery school, Nico Thibault Francioni realizes a needlework work on the craft with the ancient techniques of Couture.
The savoir-faire of the embroidery combined with the meticulous work of the feather allows him to create works of art

Fashion consultant and forecaster and trends

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Visual-merchandising Professor

Visual merchandising courses from the basic techniques of color volumes and lights, realization of shop windows, internal visual merchandising and realization of guide-lines up to the conception of stands for fairs

La mâle d'effeenne collection
La mâle d'effeenne collection
Fuji400 (63).jpg
Fuji400 (79).jpg
Fuji-RVP100 (68).jpg
nico-lomo400 (9).jpg
Fuji400 (36)-2.jpg
Fuji400 (32) 2.jpg
Fuji400 (28) 2.jpg
La mâle d'effeenne collection
Fuji-RVP100 (31).jpg
Fuji-RVP100 (18) copie.jpg
Fuji-RVP100 (44).jpg
Fuji-RVP100 (4).jpg
Fuji-RVP100 (12).jpg

La mâle d'effeenne 
Univers de Choix
Nico Thibault Francioni & François Mahe

22, rue Saint Paul  _  Le Marais   _ Paris

Come and discover the articles created and selected by Nico and François 


embroidered collar

you can by it at

one piece leather collar 
with glass stones


« Comment serait la vie si nous n'avions pas le courage de tenter quoi que ce soit ? »

Vincent Van Gogh



Photo frames for sale on

Nico Thibault Francioni in collaboration with photographer Antonio Losco has made a photo shoot of the "EnjolieVie" collection, in the heart of the old city of Arezzo. 22 unique photographs presented at the Arezzo & Couture exhibition are now available for sale on our website. A collection of photos Fine Art Prints "Van Dike" Monotype on 100% cotton paper, (Van Dike is a particular contact printing process elaborated at the end of the 19th century by WJNichol, based in turn on Sir John Herschel's Callitipia The main feature is to produce a brown colored print typical of the Flemish painter of the same name).
The prints with ancient techniques are monotypes: each print is different from the other so we will never find two identical copies. For this and for the long manual process of processing it is considered a valuable art object.




 collection of photos in limited edition hand made by the photographer Antonio Losco  


Arezzo & Couture #14

33x22 cm


Arezzo & Couture #6

33x23 cm


Arezzo & Couture #22

36X60 cm


Arezzo & Couture #3

33x27 cm


Arezzo & Couture #5

36x24 cm


Arezzo & Couture #17

23x52 cm


Arezzo & Couture #20



Arezzo & Couture #11

50x50 cm



3 Square Trudaine, 75009 Paris, France

06 28 68 26 30

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Nico Thibault Francioni


Concept Store

22 rue Saint Paul 75004 Paris


With the advice and the intervention in our company of Mr. Nico Thibault Francioni, we have managed to expand, innovate and increase our commercial activity.
Always aware of what is happening in the world and ready to adapt to the needs of its customers.

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In collaboration with the Federation of French Couture and EKAYA

member of the Federation of French Couture in collaboration with the Ekaya weaving,  after a splendid exhibition at the Hotel Sofitel Beaubourg in Paris, the creations of the creators of the Federation have exhibited in an exceptional and magical framework in India


Arezzo & Couture

Fashion and Photo Exibitio

Arezzo "Sala dei Grandi" Decembre 2017

Nico Thibault Francioni, creator of “La Mâle d’Effenne", organized the exhibition "Arezzo & Couture", tribute to his hometown that inspired him and who, twice a year, organizes his medieval jousting: the " Saracino ".The 7 exceptional outfits from the "Enjolie-vie" collection, handmade, were exhibited in the "sala dei grandi" - the council hall of the great Arezzo province. This magical place has magnified colors, materials but also and especially embroidered patterns and feathers. These unique pieces have interacted with a series of photos - unique pieces. These Fashion photos were taken in August, in the colors of the sunset, in the historic center of the city of Arezzo. They were developed in a single series using the Van Dyck photographic technique (19th century): porcelain negatives, use of brushes on cotton paper. It was Antonio Losco, photographer, specialist of this technique, who realized them. "This exhibition met with great success among the inhabitants of the city and was relayed by local newspapers and regional TV.


06 28 68 26 30

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